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Business Insights in an Aging World

A new era of unprecedented aging is reshaping the future of markets and industries worldwide

2017 Q1 Issue of the Longevity Report

Innovator in Focus: Carelinx


March 15, 2017

Home care just got a little easier, and more affordable. More innovation is on its way.



As Workforces Age, Look to Sweden

February 24, 2017

Sweden leads the pack in age 55+ labor force participation. Other nations can learn from what they are doing right.


              Europe, Workforce

Robo-Advisor: Friend of Foe?



March 7, 2017

The robo-advisors have arrived. Optimizing their role in financial advice will be the next challenge.

              Financial Services

Why China Needs New Retirement Role Models

February 17, 2017

Faced with unprecedented population aging, China can no longer afford a retirement leisure class. Beijing can't fix this on its own.

              Asia, Retirement

Atlas of Aging:

Spotlight on Japan

January 15, 2017

Japan is pioneering creative solutions to address opportunities and needs created by its rapid population aging.


              Asia, Population aging

Senior living communities ramp up technology

December 21, 2016

Use of technology is accelerating among senior living operators, driven by three major trends.


              Technology, Housing

Demography and technology transform wealth management

December 11, 2016

New technologies, ranging from fintech and robo-advisors to social media, are changing the ways wealth management firms engage and retain clients.


              Technology, Financial Services

Innovator in Focus:

UNITY Biotechnology

January 12, 2017

UNITY Biotechnology wants to stop aging, and has the backing of Jeff Bezos and the Mayo Clinic.


              Biotechnology, Anti-aging

How advisers can connect with what's most important in clients' lives

December 12, 2016

Life stage transitions trigger newfound needs and create rare windows of opportunity to engage and win over customers. 


              Lifestages, Financial Services

Innovations accelerate in robotic eldercare

December 4, 2016

A growing number of senior living communities are entertaining the notion that robotics may be part of the answer.

              Technology, Housing, Eldercare

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