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Managing the New Multi-Generational Workforce

The Longevity Report

2017 Q3 Issue 

Table of Contents


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The Impending Talent Crisis

Inexorable demographic forces are creating critical workforce shortages. But employers which adapt will find new opportunities to prosper.


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Re-Gearing for an Aging Workforce

Aging-readiness workforce innovation is now a necessity for many organizations, and can also help improve workforce engagement across generations.


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How to Thrive with Generational Diversity

Workforce management is no longer one-size fits all.


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Creating an Intergenerational Learning Organization

Generational differences can both help and hinder.


- Page 18-

Ten Steps to Prepare for the New Multi-Generational Workforce

Demography is destiny. But with planning and preparation, the talent crisis is avoidable.


in a New Era of Longevity


The Longevity Report

2017 Q1/Q2 Issue 

Table of Contents



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The Business of Longevity


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Demography and Technology Transform Wealth Management

New technologies are changing the ways wealth management firms engage and retain clients.


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Innovations Accelerate in Robotic Eldercare

A growing number of senior living communities are entertaining the notion that robotics may be part of the answer.


- Page 11 -

Senior Living Communities Ramp up Technology

Use of technology is accelerating among senior living operators, driven by three major trends.


- Page 13 -

Robo-Advisor: Friend or Foe?

The robo-advisors have arrived. Optimizing their role in financial advice will be the next challenge.


Atlas of Aging


- Page 15-

Spotlight on Japan

Japan is pioneering solutions to address opportunities and needs created by its rapid population aging.


- Page 18 -

Why China Needs New Retirement Role Models

Faced with unprecedented population aging, China can no longer afford a retirement leisure class. Beijing can't fix this on its own.


- Page 21 -

As Workforces Age, Look to Sweden

Sweden leads the pack in age 55+ labor force participation. Other nations can learn from what they are doing right.


Innovators in Focus


- Page 23 -

UNITY Biotechnology to Battle Aging at the Cellular Level

UNITY Biotechnology wants to stop aging, and has the backing of the likes of Jeff Bezos and the Mayo Clinic.


- Page 25-

Carelinx Pioneers Homecare Matchmaking

Homecare just got a little easier, and more affordable. More innovation is on its way.


Age 50+ Market Strategies


- Page 27 -

How Advisers can Connect with What's Most Important in Clients' Lives

Life stage strategies can help financial advisers deepen client relationships and develop unique competitive advantages.

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