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A young world is growing old. 

The impact of unprecedented population aging has been felt first in places such as Europe and Japan, but will soon touch almost every region and country in the world.

Economies are being transformed

Population aging will have widespread implications for how fast economies grow, capital market risks and opportunities, workforce dynamics, and how marketplaces will reorient in the years ahead. 

A growing need to understand and predict the impact of aging 

Despite the massive economic implications of these new demographic realities, there is currently no institution with a singular focus on forecasting our economic future in an aging world.

UC Berkeley has Created BerkeleyAGE

to Navigate a New Era of Population Aging


To help corporations, governments, industry groups, nonprofits, and media understand,

predict, and navigate economic challenges in a new era of population aging,

University of California, Berkeley is establishing the first institution dedicated

to forecasting our economic future in an aging world: 

the Berkeley Forum on Aging and the Global Economy (BerkeleyAGE).

How will population aging transform economies around the world?

How much will demographic forces slow or accelerate GDP growth in different regions and countries?

What will be the effect on capital markets, interest rates, and pension funds?

How can we prepare for a new economy

in an aging world?

Groundbreaking Research to

Prepare for an Aging World

Year 1

Future Years

Economies in an Aging World

Demographic Impact on Capital Markets

Preparing for an Aging Workforce

The Future of Longevity

Health and Health Care in an Aging World

Other Initiatives TBD

Join a Global Forum of
Thought Leaders on the Economic Impact of Population Aging

Benefits of Membership
  • Build thought leadership as an organization at the forefront of identifying economic risks and uncovering opportunities and solutions as global populations age.

  • Gain in-depth insights into demographic implications for the economy, through participation in periodic briefings, an annual symposium, and facilitated access to research findings.

  • Connect with other leading organizations seeking to prepare for coming demographic trends.

  • Enhance brand awareness through affiliation with this important initiative.

Learn More

For more information on membership opportunities with BerkeleyAGE, please contact:

  David Baxter, CEO, Baxter Consulting Group and Executive Advisor (consultant) at BerkeleyAGE

  Phone: (415) 598-8566




The Initiative's first Issue Brief:

"Population Aging and the Global Economy: Weakening Demographic Tailwinds Reduce Economic Growth"


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(13 pages)

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