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Succeed in the Longevity Economy


A young world is growing old. Between 2015 and 2030, the number of people age 65+ will increase by 89 percent. The impact of this unprecedented population aging has been felt first in places such as Europe and Japan, but will soon touch almost every region and country in the world. The implications are far-reaching: Demographic changes are slowing economic growth in unexpected ways, capital markets are troubled by pension longevity risks and other demography-driven uncertainties, and industries that once flourished among younger populations must now evolve to survive. Meanwhile, vast new opportunities await companies and investors who understand the powerful effects of these demographic changes.


In this presentation, we will examine the origin and impact of population aging, which regions and industries are now feeling the full force of the demographic changes, and which are about to. We will discuss strategies for both corporations and investors to anticipate and profit from opportunities created in a new era of population aging.

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